Screen Printing

From t-shirts to tote bags, our custom screen printing brings your vision to life!

A Widely Used Printing Method

Screen Printing, or silk screening, is the art of creating a stencil from a mesh screen and transferring ink through it onto the garment. These thick inks lay on top of the material rather than soaking into the substrate. Screen printing is most efficient when used for graphics with three or fewer colors. This is because each color needs a screen produced and an additional printing pass completed. The thick ink is durable, has a soft touch, and is excellent for tees, hoodies, tanks, and sweatpants. If your deadline allows it, and your design has minimal colors, we recommend Screen Printing. The larger the quantity, the more affordable screen printing becomes.

Why Choose Screen Printing


A cost-effective method for large quantities

Screen printing is a more affordable option if you need to order many shirts or other garments. It’s an excellent method for bulk orders.


Easier to print on special garments

Screen printing is usually the best option if you need to put a design on a specific type of shirt or fabric.


A long-lasting and durable quality

This technique uses a mesh screen to transfer ink onto fabric. It offers great washability and durability.

Spot color vs. process color

Spot color is where pre-mixed ink (usually based on Pantone Matching System color) is used rather than a mix of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). Spot colors are standardized and labeled, making it easy to replicate same exact colors. Need an exact pantone match? We can do it! Or just keep it easy and pick from our standard colors.

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